• 11-12 maja 2017, Wrocław

The Department of Orthopedics, Wroclaw Medical University is the first place in Poland where the Ilizarov Method was introduced. In 2018 it will have been 30 years since the first surgery was carried out.  We organise a lot of international scientific congresses. In the latest one, in 2014 there were over 2500 participants.


Wrocław, located in the centre of Europe, is the perfect place for such events.
A modern airport, excellent railway station and motorways connect us to the whole Europe and the world. (Europa do poprawy na stronie) Modern hotels, conference centres create the optimal conditions for both scientific work and relaxation.


Wrocław is a rapidly developing city, full of energy and optimism and what’s more, it provides opportunities for rapid growth. It is a vibrant and full of flowers, colourful city, where life is bustling even at night.


Countless number of cultural events, hospital and friendly inhabitants create the unique and unforgettable moments that everyone may experience.

Wrocław means history but also dreams for the future, successes and huge plans. These are the scientists , artists, and places….. where the dwarfs live and where either the small or great dreams come true.

It is the people who are the most important. Young, energetic, wise, intelligent and excellent organizers of scientific events. They are truely our future.

It is them who want to enjoy the 30th Anniversary of Ilizarov Method in Poland together with you. Stay together with us and enjoy this event.

I invite you to Wrocław- the place of meetings, diversity of the cultures and science.

Best regards,

Szymon Dragan MD, PhD